So often it’s technology for technologies sake – In our case it’s humans driving the technology. We’ll explain in plain English what you need, what it does, and why it’s important. You can only get the full benefits from technology when you understand the whole picture.

Slant offers full scale managed IT services; including help-desk, backup solutions, disaster recovery planning, business-as-usual continuance planning, pro-active monitoring, asset management and reporting. We’ll keep you updated with any forecast maintenance costs, ensure software compliance, and meet with you regularly to ensure we’re aligned with your goals.

We’ve outlined our easy to budget, fixed priced options below. Of course, if you’re after something custom, we’re happy to chat and see how we can help.

Managed Services is a personal relationship. If you’re looking for someone who will always have your back when it comes to technology, and ensure that you have the most cost effective and efficient solutions deployed in your business, get in touch and let’s chat, maybe over a coffee, or a beer. Our shout.

On-site and Remote IT Services

ITSource is proud to be able to offer it’s entire suite of offerings on the Far South Coast.

Please check out our Managed Services, Casual Support and other offerings in the Services section

CCTV & Remote Monitoring

Whether you’re a business owner wanting to keep an eye on your business when you’re not around, or a property owner who travels to and from the area, keeping an eye on your assets is a smart idea.

ITSource can provide solutions for remotely accessible surveillance including iPhone and Android apps, and systems with motion detection so you can keep an eye on what’s important to you.

Mobile Device Management

As we move into a more mobile-oriented world, it’s more important than ever to ensure you have policies in place to limit access to your data should these devices fall into the wrong hands.

Mobile Device Management solutions allow you to enforce security policies around password strength, app restrictions, minimum security requirements of wireless networks and a host of other options.

They are also a great solution for deploying access to internal systems, certificate based authentication, or company wide credentials as required.

Most importantly, they allow tracking of misplaced devices, and if recovery is not possible, they ensure that a remote-wipe is carried out to ensure that any confidential data & intellectual property is safeguarded.

We’ve got solutions for iOS and Android platforms (Sorry Windows Mobile users!), and we’d be happy to discuss how a Mobile Device Management solution could benefit your business.

Get in touch for more information.