Enterprise Wireless is more affordable than you think. Whether you’ve got issues with coverage in a house or office, or want to deploy point-to-point links between multiple building kilometres apart, we can design an affordable solution to fit every need.

We deploy the latest in 802.11ac technology (the fastest WiFi standard to date), to ensure you’re connected at the best possible speeds, so you have the best possible experience.

On-site and Remote IT Services

ITSource is proud to be able to offer it’s entire suite of offerings on the Far South Coast.

Please check out our Managed Services, Casual Support and other offerings in the Services section

CCTV & Remote Monitoring

Whether you’re a business owner wanting to keep an eye on your business when you’re not around, or a property owner who travels to and from the area, keeping an eye on your assets is a smart idea.

ITSource can provide solutions for remotely accessible surveillance including iPhone and Android apps, and systems with motion detection so you can keep an eye on what’s important to you.

Point to Point Wireless

Point to Point Wireless Links are ideal in a variety of environments where fixed cabling is not an option. This may be due to terrain challenges, right of use issues, technical limitations (Cat 6 Ethernet can only run 150 metres!), or simply the need for a temporary solution.

Point to Point Wireless Links are ideal for;
* Linking multiple buildings on one property together, e.g Factories, Schools, Farms, Hotels, Construction Sites (temporary Sheds)
* Linking to a building with an active internet connection for temporary access, with the ability to track and monetize access. e.g Construction Sites, Rentals, Civil Works
* Linking multiple offices to save the cost of a leased WAN connection, where a line-of-sight scenario exists
* Linking remote devices on property (e.g CCTV Cameras) to provide a wireless uplink of video footage.

We have solutions that can cater for anything from 5 meters to 50km (conditions permitting), so if you’re looking to uplink existing buildings, expand your business network capacity, or even consider these as a backup internet connection, get in touch and we’ll work through an easy to deploy solution.