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From casual IT support to fully administered managed services, we’ve got you covered. Our range of services covers all aspects of your business (or even personal) setups.

Whether you want a particular service, or a business-in-a-box scenario, we’re here to step you through and assist from start to finish… and beyond.

Read on for our comprehensive list and more information on each.

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Just like a deck of cards, any combination is possible. No magic tricks here, unless you want some magic of course… after we watch some YouTube tutorials.

Managed Services

Comprehensive IT solutions tailored for your business

Casual IT Support Services

Flexible, on-demand IT support without long-term commitments

Solutions Integration

Seamlessly integrate various IT systems in your business

IT Consulting

Make informed decisions about your technology strategy

VoIP Telephony Solutions

Upgrade your business communication with VoIP

CCTV & Building Access Solutions

Cutting-edge CCTV and building access control systems

Retail Technology Fitout

Install a seamless end-to-end retail technology fitout

White Label Franchise IT Support

Comprehensive technology solutions and scalable infrastructure

Legal Services

Digital forensics & witness services, get some experts in your corner

Chat, email, text, morse code, carrier pigeon...

We’re open on all channels, come and speak to one of our specialists. We don’t advise using carrier pigeons for various reasons, and we’ll look up how to use morse code if we have to.